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    Difference between Hemp and Marijuana and Its Extracts

    Difference between Hemp and Marijuana and Its Extracts 150 150 Moon Team

    Difference between Hemp and Marijuana and Its Extracts

    Hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are widely used interchangeably. Although these terms are interrelated, they mean different things –culturally and botanically. 

    If you’ve thought marijuana and hemp mean the same thing, read on to find out their differences. 

    This article explains the difference between these plants and their relationship with cannabis. 

    Without much ado, 

    What is Hemp? 

    Hemp is a cannabis specie. The plant is remarkable for its low THC concentration. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant, responsible for the ‘high’ associated with cannabis usage. 

    So, although THC has as many therapeutic potentials as CBD, the latter [CBD] is widely more tolerated, particularly in the medical and legal niches.

    In the US, for instance, hemp is considered safe and thus legal at the federal level. Although the plant is not recognized by the FDA as a prescription drug treatment for any health condition – except Epidiolex, a CBD-infused drug for epilepsy – it is widely sold as a supplement. 

    Noteworthily, the Agriculture Improvement Act, (known as the Farm Bill), defines hemp as products with less than .3 percent THC level. Any product with over the .3 percent benchmark is considered marijuana. 

    Besides medicals, the hemp plant has also been resourceful in the production of biofuels and textiles. 

    Even more, the seeds are used to produce hemp seed oil or eaten. The flowers are also exploited and extract infused into cosmetics and edible products.

    What is Marijuana? 

    Hemp’s cousin.

    Both hemp and marijuana are plants from the cannabis family, scientifically referred to as Cannabis Sativa L.

    While the hemp plant is high in CBD and low in THC, its marijuana relative is the reverse –  CBD-rich, THC-low.  

    Marijuana’s high THC concentration makes the plant mainly used for recreational purposes.

    While CBD-rich hemp is becoming more popular for its safe and widely-tolerated nature, the intoxicating THC-packed marijuana has tall legal walls. In the US, for instance, the herb is considered illegal federally.

    However, some US states have decriminalized the use of marijuana and established regulations for its production and distribution – both for medical and recreational use among adults.

    The marijuana plant is processed into several forms. The most common among recreational users is the cured flower. As with the hemp plant, marijuana can be extracted and sold for infusion into topicals, edibles, tinctures, etc. 

    What About Cannabis?

    Cannabis is a common name for members of the cannabaceae family. This large family consists of about 170 species – including hemp and marijuana. Cannabis is grouped into three major subfamilies, including Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis

    So, although the hemp and marijuana plants have their differences, they are both cannabis. 

    Let’s quickly discuss, a little in-depth, four primary differences between Marijuana and Hemp Plants

    Differences Between Marijuana and Hemp

    Hemp and marijuana are similar. From looks, knowing their differences can be almost impossible.

    But with the differences in application and benefits, as well as legal regulations, you sure want to clear out your confusion. 

    Here are the key differences between hemp and marijuana you should know.


    One key distinguishing factor between marijuana and hemp is the different composition.

    Both marijuana and hemp contain CBD and THC. However, while hemp is CBD-dominant, marijuana contains more THC. 

    While THC content may reach 30 percent in marijuana, it does not exceed 0.3 percent, by dry weight, in legal hemp. 


    With different THC levels, marijuana and THC have their individual regulations.

    Hemp, which was once regarded illegal and placed under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, is now legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill legalizes hemp and its products with THC levels not exceeding .3 percent. 

    While some state laws allow marijuana for recreational and/or medical purposes, it remains federally illegal. 


    Marijuana and hemp are grown for different reasons; hence they are grown under unique conditions. 

    Marijuana plants are carefully bred under controlled circumstances to boost the plant’s components and produce female plants with flowers. 

    For best practice, factors include lighting, temperature, and humidity must be well regulated. Also, marijuana demands close attention at every stage.

    Hemp, on the other end, is grown primarily to maximize quantity – yield and size. For this, hemp plants are preferably grown outdoors and do not necessarily need all the regulations, and attention marijuana seeks. 


    Due to their unique compositions, both plants have their unique uses. 

    While marijuana is widely known for its recreational uses, research reveals several potential therapeutic applications.

    However, hemp may have more widespread applications than marijuana. Among the lot, here are common areas hemp can be used:

    • Food productions, including cooking oil, hemp-seed oil, and related products
    • Industrial purposes – or products such as textile, building materials, paper and plastic
    • Medicals – CBD-infused tinctures, topicals, and capsules are increasingly popular for therapeutic applications. 

    Hemp- Vs. Marijuana-Based CBD 

    Here’s another confusing subject.

    Given their different nature and components, expectedly, hemp-based CBD should be distinct from a marijuana-based variant. But that isn’t the case.

    Whether from marijuana or hemp, CBD’s molecule, as well as its pharmacology, are precisely the same. So regardless of its source, CBD is CBD.

    However, concerning legality, CBD is not CBD. 

    Confused? Don’t be!

    Here it is – while CBD is the same regardless of source, the Farm Bill stated, categorically, that only “hemp-derived” products with less than .3 percent THC is federally legal. 

    This means marijuana-based CBD, whether it contains more or less than .3 percent THC remains federally illegal.

    Last Notes – Hemp Vs. Marijuana 

    While it can be somewhat tricky differentiating hemp from marijuana, hopefully, the explanations in the guide detail the main differences.

    The terms marijuana and hemp are widely misapplied. Knowing which is what will help us understand what exactly we’re dealing with, particularly as to avoid both health and legal complications. 

    How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand (Updated for 2022)

    How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand (Updated for 2022) 150 150 Moon Team

    How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

    Proper branding benefits all businesses, and even more important is the business of marketing your rolling paper brand!

    The smoking paper booklet market segment shows some very established names and brands. And, breaking into the market can seem arduous. Some brands rule most of the market, while others have been in production since the 60s!

    Are you thinking of marketing your brand of Smoking Papers (aka Rollies)? Do not worry because the Moon Team is here to help!

    Success is Knowing Your Target Market

    The journey to success begins by knowing your target market. Different markets in Asia hold diverse realities. So, you must know the lay of the land as an entrepreneur or business owner who wants their product sold successfully and consistently. Ludicrous potential opportunities await until someone comes along with enough creativity & innovation at hand. They might use prospects wisely while also tapping into varieties, engaging in traditional advertising tactics if necessary!

    Product Selection Denotes Your Specific Rolling Paper Brand Identity

    There are different types of rolling papers; hence your choice of rollies for your brand would help you determine other aspects of your branding campaign.

    Note: there are different types of smoking papers, and some are more acceptable to specific demographics. For instance, health-conscious users and marijuana enthusiasts would often prefer hemp paper. Hence, it would be best to look at the individuals you hope to attract and decide on the type of paper to market. You should not be limited to just one paper type, as it will help you appeal to a broader audience.

    Pick the Right Supplier for Your Goods

    For rolling papers, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We are willing to help you get started immediately with your brand. For us at Moon Smoking, we are fully equipped to meet any demand and specifics that you might require. Our complete array of rolling papers is often best for your business in quality, consistency, and cost.

    Marketing Management to Move the Market!

    Beyond having a great product, you have to have a better approach to reaching your market. Building the right connections and networks would help your product sell faster and gain better appeal.

    One thing, though, is that if you have the right supplier, they can help you leverage their network to get the most visibility for your business.

    The Moon-Smoking Rolling Paper Brand

    The moon-smoking brand is the top 5 branded rolling paper manufacturer. Since 2010, we have continued to offer the Asian tobacco industry and tobacco industries worldwide the much-needed style-focused smoke accessories to achieve a remarkable experience. The cherry on the top, we are a manufacturer of bespoke rollies, made-to-order tobacco smoking accessories, including but not limited to rollies, filter tips, cones, etc.

    Moon Focus

    We design and produce multi-color and white label customized rolling paper booklets, filter tips, logo leaves, and branded accessories for smoking. Furthermore, for brands looking to start their rolling paper brand, our approach offers a cost-effective manufacturing and marketing option for small businesses looking to break into this market for their region.

    Moon Catalogue

    We can produce your brand of rolling papers, filter tips, etc., under your private label or our luxury range (the Moon Premier) for elite brands. We work with extravagance brands and luxury distributors, luxury tobacco outlets, and luxury smoke accessory manufacturers across the globe for their branding.

    Moon Tailors

    Our product offerings are fully customizable and made to the highest quality standards with your brand position. We make smoking papers and smoke accessories that meet your brand objectives of quality and cost savings.

    Fresh Impacts for your Rolling Paper Brand

    If you are a business looking to break into the rollies market, we are the best partners to help you make the right impact. You would benefit from our long years of experience and product quality that has become a trademark in the industry. We can meet and exceed your unique benchmarks for success. Together we create an unbeatable product portfolio for you!

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    Our Rolling Paper Brand Approach

    Starting a customized rolling booklet business is an arduous task. Nevertheless, you do not have to do it alone, as this is where we step in:-

    1. We start by listening: You talk, we hear. If you are unsure about certain aspects of your rolling paper idea, we will answer your questions. We will give you valuable insight into conducting thorough market research, and we will help you shape your approach to perfection.
    2. Define the product solution: After gathering all the necessary information, we recommend the final product specification, including packaging and volumes, based on your sales forecasts. Now we are finally able to calculate the price for you.
    3. Design development: Now, it’s the time to give your new rolling paper brand an attractive face. We will provide you with the necessary technical drawings and artwork guidelines for your designer to create the artwork. In the case of special requests, our designers will develop ideas that your customers will love. Moon may adjust the final price according to specific design and printing requests.
    4. Production and delivery: When it is all set to go – i.e., product specification, packaging, and volumes are agreed, and the graphic design is approved – we will begin with the production of your rolling booklets. It usually takes 8 – 12 weeks, after which we will dispatch your order.

    The Moon Smoking Difference:-

    Style Focused Service for your Rolling Paper Brand

    Quality rolling paper and smoking accessories create a long-lasting appeal to the sense of style. It breeds customer loyalty and evokes a feeling of trust. We have invested massively in product lines and processes that prioritize consumer satisfaction in this goal. Our clients trust us to deliver quality products that meet the exquisite taste of their clientele base. In the years that we have been in business, we have never failed on this objective.

    We continue to support the growing number of small and medium-scale businesses determined to roll out their custom brands and carve a niche. Our support schematics are highly adaptable to meet the uniqueness of each customer’s situation and brand appeal. We provide tailormade branding solutions for businesses. With custom-made paper booklets, tips, smoking accessories, rolling machines, hand rollers, grinders, rolling trays, and much more; Moon wins for you.

    Far-Reaching Rolling Paper Branding Goals!

    The Moon Group will always be there whenever you think about building your business. Our range of quality accessories and rolling paper for herbs, tobacco, and prescription smokes give you the best edge in all classes against your competition. With us as your manufacturer and partner, you can never go wrong.

    Our broad reach of agents and support team is always on hand to help you navigate the business’s murky waters. Our support KPI is the benchmark against your performance, so when you win, we win!