How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

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How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

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How to Start Your Own Rolling Paper Brand

There is no business that doesn’t benefit from proper branding. Even more important is the business of marketing rolling papers. 

The rolling paper market is a segmented market with some very established names and brands, and breaking into the market can seem like an arduous task. 

Are you thinking of marketing your brand of rolling papers? Don’t fret; we can help you!

Know Your Target Market

The first step to making your presence felt in the tobacco rolling paper market is to pick the right target market. The markets of Asia hold different realities from the markets of North America or even Africa. The dynamics of your target market would come to play in deciding the marketing approach that would be applied to ensure success.

Research your target market adequately, identify the competition, highlight your strengths, and make proactive plans.

Choose Your Specific Product

There are different types of rolling papers. Your choice of rolling paper for your brand would help you determine some other aspects of your branding campaign. 

Note; there are different types of rolling papers, and some are more acceptable to specific demographics. For instance, health-conscious users and marijuana enthusiasts would often prefer hemp paper. 

It would be best if you looked at the class of individuals you hope to attract and decide on the type of paper to market. You also shouldn’t be limited to just one type of rolling paper, as this would help you appeal to a broad sense of individuals. 

Pick Your Supplier

For rolling papers, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We are willing to help you get started immediately with your brand. For us at Moon Smoking, we are fully equipped to meet any demand and specifics that you might require. Our top array of rolling papers is often best for your business in terms of quality, consistency, and cost.

Move to Market

Yea! Beyond having a great product, you have to have a better approach to reaching your market. Building the right connections and networks would help your product sell faster and gain better appeal. 

One thing, though, if you have the right supplier, they can help you leverage their network to get the most visibility for your business.

The Moon-Smoking Brand

The moon-smoking brand is Asia’s top branded rolling paper manufacturers. Since 2010, we have continued to offer the Asian tobacco industry and tobacco industries across the world the much needed style-focused smoke accessories to achieving a remarkable experience. We manufacture bespoke, made-to-order tobacco smoking accessories including but not limited to rolling paper, filter tips, cones, etc. 

We design and produce White label custom rolling paper booklets, filter tips, etc. for brands looking to start their rolling paper brand. Our approach is to offer a cost-effective manufacturing and marketing option for small businesses looking to break into the rolling paper market in their region. 

Our product offerings are fully customizable and made to the highest quality standards in tandem with your brand position. We make rolling papers and smoke accessories that meet your brand objectives of quality and cost-savings. 

If you are a business looking to break into the rolling paper market, we are the best partners to help you make the right impact. You would benefit from our long years of experience and product quality that has become a trademark in the industry.

Our Approach

Starting a rolling paper business is a tough task. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do everything alone, and this how we step in.

  1. We start by listening: You talk, we listen. If you are unsure about certain aspects of your rolling paper idea, we will answer your questions. We will give you valuable insight into conducting thorough market research, and we will help you shape your approach to perfection.
  2. Define the product solution: After we have gathered all the necessary information, we recommend the final product specification, including packaging and volumes, based on your sales forecasts. Now we are finally able to calculate the price for you.
  3. Design development: Now, it’s the time to give your new rolling paper brand an attractive face. We will provide you with the necessary technical drawings and artwork guidelines for your designer to create the artwork. In the case of special requests, our designers will come up with ideas that your customers will love. The final price may be adjusted according to specific design and printing requests.
  4. Production and delivery; When it’s all set to go – i.e., product specification, packaging, and volumes are agreed, and the graphic design is approved – we will begin with the production of your rolling papers. It usually takes 8 – 12 weeks, after which we will dispatch your order.

The Moon Smoking Difference

Style Focused Service

Quality rolling paper and smoking accessories create a long-lasting appeal to a sense of style. It breeds customer loyalty and evokes a feeling of trust. It is in this knowledge that we have invested massively in product lines and processes that prioritize consumer satisfaction. Our clients trust us to deliver quality products that meet the exquisite taste of their clientele base. In the years that we have been in business, we have never failed on this objective.

We continue to support the growing number of small and medium scale businesses that are determined to roll out their custom brands and carve a niche for themselves. Our support schematics are highly adaptable to meet the uniqueness of each customer’s situation and brand appeal. We provide custom branding solutions for businesses looking to have their custom-made rolling paper, tips, and smoking accessories, including rolling machines, rollers, grinders, rolling trays, and much more. 

Far reach

Whenever you think about building your business, The Moon Group would always be there. Our range of quality accessories and rolling paper for herbs, tobacco, and prescription smokes, give you the best edge in all classes against your competition. With us as your manufacturer and partner, you can never go wrong. 

Our broad reach of agents and support team is always on hand to help you navigate the business’s murky waters. Our support KPI is benchmarked against your performance, so when you win, we win.

  • Greetings🙏
    Thank you for all the good works you undertake.
    I wanted to know how may i received my rolling papers made by you guys. As in my country that is Mauritius, it is still illegal to import rolling papers. How do you guys operate for this type of transaction.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Bobby

      Thank you for visiting and comments. to be honest, Mauritius is the first time to hear of, and we are excited to hear from you. are you sure rolling paper is illegal in your country, you know rolling paper, not like tobacco or weed, it is just smoking accessories. meanwhile, we are not responsible for the transportation, especially the local custom issue, it is way too much for us to reach and cover since we are deal with over 30 countries and more to come. so here is my answer for you, find someone who is in smoking industries, believe me, they know how to operate.

      • I want to develop a brand directed towards marijuana clients. I’m interested in establishing a hemp-based product or a product that suits marijuana clients.

  • Hello

    Interested in buying brown or white 44mm (W ) BOBBINS if possible, as we are cutting and slitting domestic

    Thank You

  • Good morning,

    My name is LaMarc Dawkins. I’m from North Carolina, United States of America. And I’m a entrepreneur who’s interested in starting my own line of rolling papers/cigar paper. I’ve been a customer of rolling papers for almost 25 years and I want to put my stamp on creating the Ultimate and best rolling paper/cigar paper ever known to man. I have done countless research and development into to the business and I feel that there is a place for me in this market to be RAW’s biggest competition in the rolling papers game. I also want to compete with companies like Backwoods to make a more premium cigar paper for the folks that do not use rolling papers. I have an vision that this can happen if I had the support that I needed to make my dream a reality. I want to be clear, I do not want to get into the cigar business I just want to make a premium cigar paper. On a personal note which may sound a little counter intuitive, I lost my wife Shanta to breast cancer and I would like to take a part of my proceeds that I earn on each sale and donate it to the families that has loved ones that suffer from breast cancer to help pay for living expenses. I’m going to work harder than any other person you’ve ever met in your life to make this happen. All I need is an opportunity and some help to get started. I’m at the beginning stages but I’m very passionate about this endeavor with a lot of ideas and I will work harder than ever.

    • Hi, LaMarc, we love your passion, so do we. Please check your mailbox, there is a further business discussion from us.

  • Hi ,
    Im from iran , and wanna make own rolling paper ,
    How can i buy ?

  • Hi my name is Elvern, I’m from the Caribbean. I’ve been utilizing different rolling paper for over a 8 years now and would love to create my own rolling paper/blunt wraps Specifically for the Caribbean.

    • we have sent you a guide email, please check

      • hey hope you and your team is doing good. Its been a crazy ride these last two years. I hope things are booming again. i had a similar reason to ask you about the structure and process of the rolling paper industry. i haver a plan to set up one by myself. i could really use some of ur expertise.

  • Hello, I have my own business!! I’m from Buffalo NY USA. I was looking to expand my business products! I would like to know what else I would need to move forward on creating a brand/product!

  • Hello my name is Simone and I live in New York New York I also been a customer of the rolling paper business for over 20 years as well and I love to roll up Shall we say And love the feeling but I also hate the fact when it breaks when using cigar paper I would like to invent something more deeper stronger but lighter that won’t tear or dry out and a nice rolling paper that has the ability and doesn’t go out every so often a lot of customers would like to have everlasting burn and this is something that I would like to do with hemp

    • Hi, Simone

      when you say “cigar paper”, do you mean rolling paper like ours?

      • I’m interested in starting my own cigar company. I would like a leaf comparable to a backwood and also papers but I would like organic. I would be starting from the ground up and need all the guidance or where to start with researching.

        • Hi, Danielle, you are referring to, right? unfortunately, we are a rolling paper factory, even our products close to the cigar, but we have very limited knowledge of the cigar. we wish you luck with your research &business, do come back to share your experience.

  • Hi I’m Maria, I’m from the UK. I’ve been utilizing different rolling paper for years now and would love to create my own rolling paper/blunt wraps with legalisation in UK coming so soon

    • Maria, we love to help you with your brand. Do you have an ai file of your design. so my designer can put it onto our template of the rolling paper package, to preview the outcome. we can also offer sample production costs vary depends on your location and print effects. About $200 to $300 shipment included

      • Hi this is exactly what I’m looking for! How do I contact someone to help me with this! I’m already trademarked and have a catalog of my designs! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Hey folks, I found your site and I to appoint its a wonderful source around here and We want to say its a great website fellows are great. Please continue the wonderful job.

  • Hi, we are based in India and would like to start our own brand of rolling papers. We would like to do the cutting and packaging here itself, so would like to source the necessary machinery . We would also like to purchase bobbins from you

    • Hi,Nikhil Neel, thank you for the comments. there is no machine we can offer you, but we can provide you with bobbins, just tell us which size you need. our salesperson will contact you shortly. Happy New Year!

  • Hi there Moon! 🙂
    Im Reby from India. Along with a few friends, we’re planning to set up a tobacco, rolling paper and accessories brand. That’s when we came across your website and found it very interesting. We would like to build our brand with your supplies. Our company’s motto is “pure and organic”. So kindly help us with the organic products.
    Love n’ Light!

    • Hi, Reby

      Nice to meet you here and get to know your ambition of rolling paper, “pure and organic” is also Moon rolling paper’s stand. we are matched. we will email the details of the paper and process need. meanwhile, do check our factory story

  • Hi I’m shawn for a while I have been trying to figure out how to start my own rolling paper bran,and luckily I stumbled upon you guys. So it’s safe to say I’m very much interested in starting my own rolling paper business.

    • Thank you for a catch up with us, Shawn. I will email you the detail of this business. Basically, you can create your own logo and design with our template, we send you samples to for you, friend and customer to evaluate. then it is a massive production.

  • Hi, I am starting a rolling paper company and wondering what your business can do for mine. Can we discuss more about this?

    Thank you

  • Thanks you
    I’m looking forward to working with you guys.

  • Your Comment Here… So I’m Trevor from Kenya,, been a fan of rolling papers but I guess it’s time I take a firm stand to my for starters I’d say dream of owning my own brand of rolling papers that I’d love to share with my people back here in Kenya and I do believe you are the ones to help me with my request unless I’m wrong which I don’t think so or am I??.

  • Hi

    interested in possibly setting up a rolling paper company.

    Could you send me a guide email ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hello,

    Requesting a guide email.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    Requesting a guid email and hopefully some pricing information as well. I am looking to set up a local rolling paper company here in my country where sales are high for rolling paper. Thanks.

  • Good Day!

    Greetings from Coolage Projects , we are a Small South African based company embarking on a new business market of Rolling papers and we would like of you to help us undertake the market in the best suitable ways as you have outlined in your website you provide the best of products and ma you please contact us of more details on how to get to have own rolling papers and breaking through the market. Thank you in advance .

    director : Nkhumeleni.

  • Courtney Mctaggart March 22, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    hey, I’m Courtney Mctaggart from Kingston, Jamaica. I’m an entrepreneur who is really interested in starting and creating my own rolling/cigar paper business. Can i get some information or a guide on doing that

    • Yes, you can, Courtney. my brilliant teammate, Tomas will email you today for the details. make sure you check the inbox.

  • Hi,im from South Africa and I’d really love to work with you guys..
    With the designs I’m good to go and all I need is production .

  • Hey there ! Can I get more info on this please. I am from India and want to get into the Rolling Paper Business.

  • Hello, I’ve recently discovered a passion for rolling paper. I’d like to start my own label. I’m glad I came across your sight. “Moon” is such a good name too. I can feel the good vibes. How do I find out more? Hope to hear back soon. Best wishes!

  • Hi Team,

    I am from South Africa and would like to enquire about creating a custom rolling paper to compete in our market. Please may I ask for further information? ie shipping times and costs


  • Greeting to you

    My name is Sam, in from Lagos, Nigeria.
    I’m interested in starting my own line of rolling papers, lighter and smoking accessories which its has been very difficult for me to find a solution to this.. i started smoking years ago now I have alot of people around me that smokes and I can actually make names but selling smoking accessories across the nation… I’m at the begging stages but I’m very passionate about the endeavor with alot of ideas and I will work harder than ever to achieve the success of rolling paper….

  • Hello Team MooN, Hope you guys doing very well.
    Interested in putting my own rolling paper brand. Kindly get in touch.

  • Hello, I would like to know more about your bobbins, and also if this company does the rolling and packaging of whatever brand I want to add.

    • No problem, our standard bobbins size is 44mm*5000m, available with 14gsm rice paper, 12.5gsm and 15gsm unbleached brown paper, 13gsm hemp paper, and 18gsm wood paper. etc.

  • Hello

    My brother and I are starting our own rolling paper factory in Tunisia and You guys seem to be the model to follow, can you help guide us?

    many many thanks

  • Victoria Garcia May 29, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    Hello, I would be very interested in learning more about this opportunity! I am working to put myself out there and do more research about rolling papers and other companies who sell them. I was wondering about, aside from creating a brand, everything I need to do to start an official business. I will research this as I am from the US. I look forward to hearing back!

  • Hi,

    Looking to create an design my own fag paper brand

    I believe with the right marketing it has a big potential.

    Any help and advice will be appreciated


  • Dante Henderson July 29, 2021 at 5:17 am


    My name is Dante Henderson. I’m located in Baltimore Maryland, in the United States. I’m interested in starting my own line of rolling papers. I want to create the best rolling paper products for my customers. I’m doing a lot of research into to the business and I want to bring to the market the best quality product. I’m at the beginning stages of what i want to do with this product, so I’m looking for the guidance and advice in choosing the right items. I want to develop a brand directed towards marijuana clients. So I’m interested in establishing a health conscious hemp-based product or a great product that’s pure and organic that suits marijuana clients. i have a graphic designer to help with the design of the logo aswell. i look forward to hearing back from you all soon.

    Thank you

  • Requesting a guide email.