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    Filter tips – For the Smokers Who Know What they Want!

    Filter tips – For the Smokers Who Know What they Want! 150 150 The Moon Team

    When it comes to everyday stresses and troubles, a puff of smoke seems to be the easiest solution to puff away all the sadness. Especially for a smoker, a cigarette after a day full of stress and troubles, it brings them a sense of pleasure and relief when they get to have a cigarette. This is because there is an active ingredient in the cigarettes known as nicotine, which is responsible for stimulating the flow of blood and other factors of the body, activating the nervous system, hence making a person active and alert and giving a feeling of instant refreshment.

    It is not just the nicotine’s effect on the brain that a person feels activeness and alertness, but other factors are responsible for bringing on that feeling. Some of these factors are like the release of dopamine; the release of dopamine instantly results in the feelings of euphoria as it triggers the pleasure part and the reward centre, hence, instantly elevating the mood providing the pleasure sensations to the smokers. This is the reason that a lot of smokers find cigarettes as a solution to sadness and stress. There are also various researches that indicate the fact that sadness and stress evoke the use of nicotine. However, it is not proven through studies, but it can relate to psychological effects.

    If we look at the history of smoking and cigarettes, we realise that cigarettes have been there since the 9th century in the form of reeds and tubes of smoke. It was when cigarettes were mainly used for religious smoking. However, by the 18th century, the trend of cultivation of tobacco and smoking was seen to increase. It was still the same for the next two centuries. The cigarettes were sold as luxurious items and were quite expensive. However, cigarettes were not the way we see them today. Some cigarettes did not have filters in them, which are an essential component of the cigarettes. Nowadays, after years of evolution, we see that cigarettes are well-formed, with a filter as well.

    Tobacco Tastes Best when the Filter is Recessed!

    The filter in a cigarette is a part that is responsible for filtering out the toxins and unhealthy substances that are present when the tobacco burns. Earlier when cigarettes were not as developed as the way, they are right now. Cigarettes were not considered a very safe option, and people were reluctant to use cigarettes. The adding the filter tips for smoking, the problem of not being able to trust a cigarette in regard to health has been solved.  Currently, the filters of cigarettes are made up of a material known as cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is good at absorbing some of the toxins and carcinogens that are present in tobacco smoke. This might include tar, nicotine, and substances like polycyclic hydrocarbons.

    These filters have been known to provide safety to smokers from the harmful chemicals and toxins that form as the result of burning tobacco and can be highly injurious to the health, but the researchers have come across the fact that even though these filters prevent the harmful chemicals from entering the body but they do not eliminate the risk of these chemicals from entering the body as they are effective against some chemicals but not against all. Thus, filter tips suppliers are coming up with various innovative ideas almost every other day in order to improve the standards of cigarettes and to make them even safer options to use.

    Being the Soul of Cigarettes

    A cigarette with a good quality filter is more likely to filter out all the toxins and chemicals out of the puff of a cigarette, and thus it prevents the chemicals from entering the body, whereas a poor quality cigarette with a poor quality filter ends up not being able to filter out even the large particles which later accumulate in the lungs and the breathing passage The filter in a cigarette is not only responsible for affecting the health of an individual, but it is also responsible for polluting the entire environment, in a way that all the carcinogens and toxins that spread around the environment and harming it.

    The color of the pack of cigarettes is highly associated with the ventilation of filters, and the packs of filtered cigarettes are highly associated with colors that are brighter and comparatively less saturated in colors. We also get to see the people. Often the white tip of the filters is associated with the perception of preventiveness and reduced harm to the body, and the buying behaviour indicates that people tend to buy cigarettes that appear to be a safer option to use.

    Things to Know About Different Types of Smoking Accessories

    Things to Know About Different Types of Smoking Accessories 150 150 The Moon Team
    Smoking Grinder by MOON

    Different Types of Smoking Accessories

    Sample Text

    Rolling papers are thin paper pieces in which people roll tobacco or other smoking goods before starting smoking. If you smoke, you want to smoke correctly. To enjoy your smoking experience, you will need the right accessories for smoking. Whether you smoke tobacco, hemp, or marijuana, there is a particular group of smoking accessories everyone must consider trying, irrespective of their smoking preferences. Here we describe the necessary cigarette smoking accessories for tobacco and other smoking products. Three essential smoking accessories are given beneath, which every smoker must consider.


    When you speak regarding an essential smoking accessory, the first important accessory which comes to your mind is a grinder. It would be best for you to have a mincer around you. Grinders let you quickly shred tobacco, other herbs, and smoking products without getting your fingers tacky or dirty in the procedure. With help, you can grind the smoking product down to your preferred fineness to help you enjoy an excellent smoking experience. It will be best for you to get a grinder with the help of a kief catcher. Therefore, any additional fine smoking material is bestowed promptly in the catcher and can be gathered for use later.

    Rolling Machine

    All smokers know that rolling can be challenging. Nevertheless, rolling the best joint or stogie should not be a hassle. Rolling machines are an essential smoking accessory that lets you package the best cigarette every time if you struggle with rolling. Rolling machines operate either electronically or manually rolling a cigarette. There are two kinds of rolling machines called cigarette rolling machines and cigarette rollers. The significant dissimilarity between the two machines is their means of operation and size. A cigarette roller is inclined to be compact and small, and it needs more considerable input from people to attain the finished product. Rolling machines are more giant in size but portable and compact. Electrical and manual models of rolling machines are offered for sale in the smoking accessories market both make cigarette rolling a more effortless and quick process.

    Storage container

    All smoker needs a storage area for storing their stash. High-quality smoking products can be costly, and if you do not keep them, you face the risk of drying them out, getting moldy, losing their taste, potency and smell. If you do not want your smoking product to be wasted, you should invest in a storage container to protect your stash. There are many storing container products for marijuana and tobacco. You can even find storage containers equipped with humidity control systems.

    Nevertheless, you don’t need a highly advanced storage container for preserving your product. Ideally, you just need a storage container with its lid for storing your tobacco at a cold temperature away from sunlight. The information above highlights the importance of smoking accessories for smokers. If you are a smoker, you should buy the best custom rolling paper accessories and use them to have a great smoking experience in this world.

    7 Odd Tips to Rolling a Great Joint

    7 Odd Tips to Rolling a Great Joint 150 150 Moon Team

    7 Odd & Ord’ Tips on How to Roll a Perfect Joint in 2022!

    While there are lots of pre-rolled joint brands available on the market, most core stoners would often prefer to roll their own joint. The reason behind the choice is the flexibility it offers and in so many ways, bragging rights of being ground solid in the game. Properly highs, 2023 skies!

    For every stoner, knowing how to roll a crisp, clean joint by hand is somewhat of a rite of passage; a ritual if you call it so. However, gone are the days of simply rolling a fat spliff and lighting up. Rolling a Joint is an art form, and in this article, we will be showing you a few tips on how to roll a great joint without a roller. Just sticking to the basics!

    There’s more than one way to roll a joint!

    Joints are a great way to enjoy your favorite cannabis without burning yourself with hot joints, but in order for them to be effective and pack that punch, they need some tricks up their sleeve. In this article, we’ll show you how joint-rolling has evolved from simply rolling fat spliffs into an art form where now every detail counts – the size of paper/ leaves used during the crafting process; the angle at which it’s rolled onto the gig stick (or other implements), even what kind will give best results depending on whether one wants cache or potency! Like an old cat in the game, we would introduce you to some of the popular joint frames and also list our 7 unique tips and tricks for rolling a great joint.

    Type of Joints by Frame

    1. The classic joint is a timeless piece: It’s even, smooth, and burns nicely with little effort required from you – which means it can be enjoyed by everyone (pro and noob)! The technique for rolling this masterpiece? A rather simple Pro Tip: just make sure that your weed stays packed equally width-wide as opposed to being too thick or thin at either end so no airflow gets lost during consumption; then watch Those Who Know to Do What They Say & vice versa (don’t over grind).
    2. The Cone Joint is one of the classics and it’s a feel-good joint. As its name implies, this thing looks like an ice cream cone with the narrow end where you put your filter (the same goes for both ends) and a wider middle bit at the tip which houses weed grinding tools or sometimes called dominoes if they are too big to fit through such small openings in between their layers when rolled up tight without spilling any contents inside outwards; then simply pack accordingly! To do so successfully though requires some patience because when it comes down right after putting your papers together they won’t really want too much help from us paper writers–but don’t worry; we’re here every step along the way until we finally reach our goal: finished product readymade just waiting patiently!
    3. The Double Shotgun is a great technique when you want to smoke two joints at once. It’s not as easy to do as it sounds, but if can master this then your skills will really shine! When I am by myself, this is my favorite joint. Don’t confuse it with the smoke technique of blowing into someone’s mouth and getting them high off your exhales like in a dating game called “Blowing Smoke” where only they can see what you’re doing because nobody else knows how to do that yet either! The rolling method for completed Doubleshot shotguns requires some expertise but if one has achieved expert skills at making classic weed cigarettes then there will be no problem using these same techniques on any type or size marijuana cigarette – double shotgun or otherwise. The first step is to get a good amount of weed in your hand. It doesn’t really matter how much although you could be doing buckets with the stuff if you want to pay for it. This recipe is all about efficiency so let’s keep things light and manageable. You don’t need an entire ounce or anything like that because one can easily make a single double shotgun with less than 0.1 grams of weed which is this recipe’s minimum requirement. If you can’t get your hands on any weed, there are plenty of other techniques out there that will also work for getting high but be sure to practice mastering them because they aren’t very great or cool to be unable to do. With your preferred measurement of weed now in hand, place it on the diagonal corner of the paper which allows you to create a single double shotgun without tearing or distorting its shape. Fold verrry slowwwly over itself until it’s half-folded then tuck the resulting flap into that first fold and continue rolling. This is the most dangerous part of the whole operation since it’s easy to tear or damage your roll during this step, but you can avoid all that by paying close attention and taking your time. After rolling is complete (which should take no longer than three minutes if you’re doing it right), lick down the length of the paper connecting the two ends. Take the remaining length of paper (on the outside) and tuck it into the rolled portion down near the end which you are now licking, then fold it inward to seal everything together.

    Now we have cleared some of the joint frames you can build, let’s get on to the 7 odd tips for rolling the best joint you’ve ever made.

    7 Odd and Unique Joint Tips While Rolling in 2022 :-

    Step 1: Choose the Right Flower

    This is one of those things that sounds kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do it! The evolution of rolling a joint starts with choosing your perfect strain and knowing what works best under certain conditions can help save time in production- especially if there are different types available for selection from which to choose– like SATIVAS vs ROCKETLETS. Pick a Sativa strain (up and energetic) for day use; they’re great for daytime smoking. If you’d like to take a break from smoking during the day but don’t want to lose your buzz, try an Indica-dominant hybrid. These strains provide all of the effects of a Sativa with less stimulation and more mellow relaxation. The same goes for Rockettes, the indica-rich varieties will lose their edge quicker and allow you to be functional sooner! Doesn’t matter what strain or phenotype you choose, just be sure that your flowers are FRESH and well cured before rolling. Pre-rolls can also save time when looking for a stronger buzz; again, make sure you’re using fresh weed and not an old shake.

    Step 2: Your Joint Paper is as Important

    Knowing and picking the right paper for you can enhance your experience by half!

    You’ve got plenty to choose from when it comes down to deciding on the right kind of paper. There are classic white or brown papers, pulp papers, and rice-based options that offer standard+different flavors depending upon your taste buds’ preferences and treats! So make sure you take some time out in choosing which is best suited just as much at home with yourself because who wants their mood altered by bad surroundings?? Pro tip => No One!

    Of course, you may already have a favorite brand of rolling papers that suits your taste buds. There are also flavored papers to choose from, which can alter the flavor of your smoke session. For instance, there are fruit-flavored options that give off sweet tastes while others try to imitate popular flavors like grape or cherry.

    Step 3: Grind Your Flower Right

    Your crumpled-up marijuana should be free of stems and pollen. If you notice any powdery stuff hanging out at the bottom chamber, then that’s kief—a byproduct from curing that contains THC! Sometimes you need to grind up your weed and then add some water or coconut milk before smoking because icky green weeds can get stuck in the bottom chamber. To use it as an additive for potency purposes simply sprinkle some over your packed bowl or add back into joints if needed; we recommend keeping about 5% – 10%.

    The best grinding will result after there is little to no resistance left while you twist your can back and forth! 10 to 12 is a golden standard for many. This will help ensure an even burn with no hot spots that could potentially burn your fingers!

    Step 4: Always Use a Filter

    Joints are king when it comes to smoking weed, but if you want the best possible high-order use a filter! Filters will keep herbs from burning your mouth and they also help create barriers between lipids (like oils) in cannabis with other substances such as tobacco. A thinly rolled joint has more surface area than an obese one so plan accordingly – make sure that there’s enough for yourself before sharing though 🙂

    Despite what you might have heard, there are still benefits to using regular tips designed for self-rolling cigarette smokers. The filters are specifically made so they can catch larger particles than just THC which means while it is true that we will be missing out on some marijuana highs; don’t sweat this because in longterm these count towards our health and wellness goals – plus smoking with a filter makes rolling the perfect joint easier! They are easier because there’s no need to worry about what might be coming out of your pipe when not at home. They also improve airflow which can reduce inflammation in some cases.

    Step 5: Fill That Paper with the Greenzzz

    To get the most out of your joint place your herbs along one edge so they can be tucked under when you roll up the other sides into an even tube shape. Make sure there are at least two inches between individual joints or else they’ll look messy (and who wants that?). Once laid flat on their tray plates, leave about three-quarter-inch gaps both top-to place more weed if needed. Leave enough room to place your filter at one end.

    Step 6: Pinch and Roll

    The secret to getting a tight and cylindrical joint is to grab the flower-filled paper by both ends, pinch the tops of the paper with your thumbs and forefingers, and rub your fingers together in an up-and-down motion. By doing so, you effectively push the flower into a tight little log the same width as the filter. Once you’re there, you’re ready to tuck the unglued side of the paper around the filter and roll. Don’t expect to get it right the first time as this part takes patience and finesse. Focus on getting the paper tight around the filter first. From there, the rest of the joint will follow.

    Step 7: Lick, Tap, and Twist

    Once it’s all set, you lick the glue end and seal. Tap the filter against a hard surface to help the flower settle in or pack the bloom with a pencil, chopstick, or a similar pointy object and finally twist the excess paper at the top of your joint to keep everything in place.

    For extra fineness, you can use scissors to trim both ends to meet your satisfaction.

    Joint Rolling Troubleshoot Tips/Tricks:-

    • If your joint gets loose halfway through rolling it, back up and start again with a tighter pinch around the filter.
    • If your joint burns unevenly, your flower maybe a little too chunky. Grind the flower a little more next time (Step 3, rinse, repeat!).
    • If you need to keep lighting it to get any smoke, the flower is too finely ground and prevents air from flowing through. Ease up with the grinder next time.

    If all else fails, you can check out some pre-rolled cones here. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉
    check out a couple of handpicked videos on rolling the best joints from YT: 

    Step by step tutorial on how to roll a J from a fellow YouTuber “ImAlwaysBlazin420

    And here we explain how our famous Cellulose paper, also known as “transparent rolling paper”, is used for making a see-through joint!

    Different Rolling Trays Types, Materials, and Usage

    Different Rolling Trays Types, Materials, and Usage 150 150 Moon Team

    Different Rolling Trays Types, Materials, and Usage (Updated 2022)

    A rolling tray is an essential accessory for woke smokers. Trays are excellent tools that help you perfect and streamline your rolling process. They are designed to keep all your smoking accessories and legal herb in one place. The rolling tray can differ from a simple flat surface to a broad platform with intricate builds consisting of sections and compartments. Most trays have raised edges and sunken surfaces to help create the perfect shape to hold loose herbs. Custom rolling trays come in many different designs and sizes, but you will often see more rectangular pieces as this is the standard shape.

    Types of Rolling Trays:-

    Rolling trays are categorized according to materials used in their manufacture. We have put together a list of the most popular rolling trays, citing their uniqueness, pros, and cons.

    Metal trays are durable and are often an affordable option. As the name suggests, they are made from metal sheets. They are found in any size and design that suits your preference. While they can be less fancy, they are quite functional and can be a fun collector’s item. Our Small Metal Rolling Trays are fab – More value for money, better customization options, more durable when HigH 😉

    • Wooden Trays:

    These often have more colorful designs and artworks than the others. They have more elaborate features and details and are made from planed wood. Typically, wooden trays tend to cost a little more than plastic or metal, and this is due to the intricate nature of the tray. Bare wooden trays are often less common as there has to be at least a compartment carved in a wood piece. A more complicated wooden piece might be challenging to travel with, but if you have the room to take it with you, it can usually house a lot. 

    • Plastic Rolling Trays:

    Plastic trays are an all-purpose, affordable range of rolling trays. Made from plastic, they’re not as durable as pieces made of wood or metal, but they still function well. Some plastic pieces even have intricate features and storage space. They are very easy to move around with or carry along when you travel.

    • Glass Rolling Trays:

    While not all glass pieces are made equal, you can find some incredibly thick, durable glass pieces that create a wow effect for your guests, and also stand the test of time. You can find glass trays in many different sizes, but they can be less practical to travel with than metal or plastic.

    Importance of Rolling Trays:-

    The rolling tray serves a very useful purpose in a smoker’s accessories kit. 

    • STORE: It can be used to store items like papers, lighters, filters, and other rolling accessories that are often quite small and easy to misplace.
    • SETUP: The tray serves as a hub for all your small smoke accessories. With a rolling tray, you always know where your smoking supplies are when you’re ready to roll.
    • ENCLOSURE: Trays also make it easy for you to gather any stray smoking herbs instead of losing them (and your money).
    • CLEAN: When you use a rolling tray, you’re saving the other surfaces in your home from being at risk of getting sticky or dirty with smoke particles from overtime use.
    • FUN: In addition to being a super helpful smoking tool, trays are also an amusing way to show your personality! Your tray talks about you, so make sure you are saying it right! Some trays are so extravagant that they become true, collectible art pieces. The seemingly endless variety of designs and custom options also makes trays a great personalized gift. No matter what your friend or family is into, there is bound to be a gift tray to suit their personality.

    Questions To Ask When You Need to Buy a Rolling Tray

    Before you start your search on how to make rolling trays, you should have a clear sense of your rolling needs. Here are some questions to help you assess your needs:

    • What size workspace do you use? The size of your workspace is a strong determinate of the type of rolling tray that would suit you. With a large workspace, you can benefit from a large piece that has more storage components and could also serve as a decorative piece. For a small space or if you plan to travel with the tray, a smaller tray will serve your purpose better. 
    • How much do you roll? If you have a stockpile of accessories that you like to always have with you, you should consider a tray with more storage features. Some trays have holes so you can keep what you’ve rolled upright and safely stored. 
    • What is your budget? If you’re rolling on a budget, then cheap rolling trays will get the job done. However, if you want to splurge, you might want to look into the high-end glass rolling trays from top brands like us.

    The Tray 101 Wrapup!

    We have a stockpile of different types of trays from simple to extravagant. Our range of custom rolling trays consists of metals, plastic, wooden, and glass ranges of trays. BUT, we are all in for tailor-made requests and you can opt for whatever design you want, your fav style, and material; just contact us and get tray-rolling!

    Whether you are a casual smoker or an experienced spliff puff, a rolling tray is a necessity. A rolling tray helps you to spice up your rolling experience and enhance your rolling routine. All the more fun, all the more thrilling!

    At Moon Smoking, we have created an exhibition of predesigned and custom rolling trays to fit your sense of style and particular needs. We have trays with removable slot compartments in various sizes, designs, and prints. Our rolling trays come in multiple sizes, and it caters to all segments of users. You can count on us to offer you and your customer base the right quality branded rolling trays for all occasions.

    Difference Between Joints, Blunts, Bongs, Dabs, and Other Ways of Smoking Cannabis

    Difference Between Joints, Blunts, Bongs, Dabs, and Other Ways of Smoking Cannabis 150 150 Moon Team

    What’s the Difference Between Joints, Blunts, Bongs, Dabs, and Other Ways of Smoking Cannabis?

    Do you seek a healthier way to consume your cannabis?

    Note that inhalation, of any sort, cannot be referred to as safe. Typically, cannabis is packed with toxins and carcinogens, which scientists warn may cause severe [long term] damage to users’ health.

    However, some methods may be less toxic and, hence, less harmful than others.

    Quickly, let’s discuss the different methods and smoking accessories. You’d all find some smoke-free cannabis dosage options you may find desirable:

    Vaping Looks Safe

    Common knowledge suggests inhaling smoke can be unhealthy for your lungs. For this, many smokers have resorted to vape as they believe it’s safe. But, this isn’t entirely correct.

    Increasing evidence shows that vaping may present some side effects. One primary concern with vape is the inhalation of Vitamin E acetate, an additive present in most THC-rich vaping products.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)believes this chemical additive has been widely linked to several cases of vaping or e-cigarette-related lung injury and, in worse cases, death.

    Vitamin E acetate, however, is only found in e-juice and not the cannabis herbs.

    A 2016 research shows that vaping cannabis buds – not e-juice –is less damaging to the respiratory system than traditional smoking. So far, research on vaping remains too limited for any conclusive statements.

    However, besides the impact on lung health, potency is also a debate. People who consume cannabis through vape reports more potent effects, even with less THC, than when smoked. By this, many vape users may find themselves more intoxicated with vaping than smoking. 

    What About Bongs?

    Do they filter out the harmful stuff?

    A bit. Not enough to make it healthy.

    Bongs deliver cooler and smoother hits – No direct heat as with paper-rolled cannabis. 

    Noteworthily – however, although inhalation ‘feels’ less harsh, not to your lungs. 

    Should I then Consider Joints and Blunts?

    First, remember you’d still inhale smoke, whether with blunts or joints. However, it may be fair enough to call the-perfect joints a lesser of the two evils. Since blunts are made with a hollowed-out cigarette, the rolling papers and the cigars are notably toxic.

    Although tobacco is emptied, nitrosamines and other cancer-causing toxins remain in the cigar. Even, rolling papers produce smoke with remarkably toxic concentrations.

    Next, size. Blunts come in larger sizes than joints and, hence, offer more pot per wrap. Typically, one blunt equals about six joints.

    It Should Be Dabbing!

    They say dabbing promises a ‘cleaner high.’ Not so true.

    Budder, or dabs, releases up to 80 percent more THC concentration than other weed products. However, being a relatively new concept, researches on its effects are still in their infancy. Experts advise that more info may be needed to state the true nature of dabbing cannabis and its adverse effects – if any.

    However, reports from growing research think the use of high-THC-concentrated products may cause long-term mental disorders like psychosis. Again, THC misuse, which, too often, leads to addiction, and eventual drug dependency, is a critical concern with dosing high-THC, particularly among the millennials.

    Also, without adequate experience in extraction and/or state-of-the-art lab equipment, you may have a hard time [if ever] obtaining pure dabs.

    A study reveals dabs may contain residual solvents and contaminants, which may cause cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity. 

    Besides, your respiratory system suffers from dabbing. Evidence shows some cases of vaping-related lung damage.

    Some Other Methods

    So far, it seems there are no safe ways around smoking cannabis. That’s what it is. However, there are several other options you may want to check out. Let’s quickly discuss them:

    • Edibles

    Unlike with vaping and smoking, ingesting your cannabis product has no business with your lungs. The only issue is that edibles do not offer instantaneous effect, since it first goes through the digestive system before it enters the bloodstream.

    The right side, however, is that the effect stays way longer than with inhalation. Again, edibles come in different dosage forms – from baked foods to gummies and candies. 

    • Sublingual

    By sublingual administration, your CBD product – tincture, dissolvable tables, etc. – is placed beneath the tongue and held for about 60 seconds.

    This method is adjudged faster than ingestion since the compounds are delivered through the sublingual gland directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

    • Topicals

    Topicals are skin applications, including balms, creams, and lotions. They may help relieve inflammation and pain at targeted spots on the body.

    • Suppositories

    While it may sound weird, shoving weed up your vagina or butt is a thing. There are many CD-infused suppositories on the market designed for several therapeutic reasons, including nausea relief or pain. Some are high in THC, for increased benefits. 

    If You Must Smoke, Consider These Things…

    Quit smoke’ is the healthiest advice there is for smokers. But if you wish to continue smoking – even with the known risks – here are helpful tips to always have handy: 

    • Don’t hold your smoke too long

    The longer you hold in weed smoke, the higher tar consumed and the higher risk of lung damage. Holding your smoke for too long does your lungs more harm than good. 

    • Choose FDA-approved rollers

    While rolling papers may all look natural, some contain toxic favors and chemicals. Buying your rolling papers, insist on FDA-approved products

    • Prefer glass pipes and bongs

    Rubber bongs may be high in phthalates, BPA, and related harmful chemicals, which may cause severe health conditions like cancer. 

    • Keep your tools clean

    Ensure your pipes, bongs, and even rolling papers are in good shape. Prevent your weed from any unhygienic surface contacts. 

    • Don’t pass your joints or share your mouthpiece

    While it’s fair to share your stash, it’s not cool with bongs, pipes, and joints. Spit-spit contact that occurs when sharing these items may cause high exposure to infections.


    There’s no such thing as a safe way to smoke weed. Regardless of your preferred dosage preference, any form of inhalation poses a danger to the lungs.

    The safest way to consume cannabis is through an oral, topical, or sublingual application. These ways, you consume all cannabis has to offer, but without the lung-threatening smoke. 

    But if you insist on puffs, vaporizers that favor flowers, and not concentrates, may be safer.

    If you’re unsure which roller paper to begin using or improve your smoking experience, Moon Smoking offers a wide range of products, both for retailers and wholesale purchases. Feel free to discuss with us if you ever get lost in the options or for more inquiries.