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Regular Short Red Custom Rolling Paper - Moon Smoking 4 3 2022

The RED SHORT Booklet for Regular Size Rollies

Most honored amongst the highs; Minimalist looking, Maximal resulting!


  • 17.5 to 18.5 gsm medium weight thin paper
  • Natural Arabic Gum
  • Cigarette Rolling Paper
  • Leaf Size: 70mm * 36mm
  • Customizable with your own name/brand
  • Cut Corners (Optional)

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Custom Rolling Paper brand serving largescale enterprises since 2010, Moon Group has reached the capacity of over 300 million booklets per year now! We are also the 2016 Golden Leaf Award-winning brand presented by TR. Moon is ISO, FSC, and IFS Food-Safety certified with the highest rank edible standards thanks to precision machinery.

Moon’s mission is to fully support our clients to grow their own business if they want to become the agent of MOON’s products. Likewise, collab with us for OEM custom rollie paper services to make your own designer rolling paper products and various accessories for rollies in your area.


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Million Booklets Capacity for 2022
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Custom Rolling Paper


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Golden Leaf Award Winning Custom Rolling Paper Brand - Serving Since 2010

The MOON Group brands trust and perfection, providing the highest quality top rolling papers of natural components and ingredients. We are breaking the global doubts about cheap rolling papers manufactured in Asia by crafting slow burning and high quality flax, rice paper, wood paper, unbleached, and hemp papers. We are an excellent buyer choice because of our durability and capacity to improve the quality of your smoking experience! The quality of material used to manufacture these cigarette rolling papers is absolutely best but also priced the lowest (consistent value). Pre Roll Cones, Thin Size leaves, to King Size; We ensure the availability of raw rolling paper products and provide the fastest delivery methods to every part of the world. ...

Moon's Quality is the Assurance

The quality of our Custom Rolling Paper products speaks for itself, primarily due to our ISO and FSC certified smoking papers. The quality is reflected when the form is used. When smoked, the natural gum gradually reveals the quality goodness. We deliver the best products to our customers' topper among the rolling paper brands. The raw material used in manufacturing these custom designer products is best-quality material derived from certified natural resources ensuring that it does not lose its perfection over time. It does not change the flavor, which the cheap quality papers usually do. Instead, it enhances the flavor by keeping the flavor natural.

Value for Money Tobacco Rolling Papers - 300+ Million Booklets per Year Production!

Overall, these custom logo rolling papers are a budget-friendly option. They can be bought in bulk and at wholesale rates! Compared to the cigarettes that are already rolled and are an expensive option. Apart from the fact that our custom rolling cigarette papers are a pocket-friendly option on their own, we, the leading supplier of designer rolling papers, understand the value of the customer's money. Thus, we provide the best rates compared to all other brands. With us, you get all your templates, all your bespoke printed zig zag paper designs, paper materials, and hand-selected OEM paper sizes!

Moon Offers You a Variety

We offer a wide range of options among the top custom printed rolling papers to choose from. We have also introduced a possibility of customized rolling papers and pre-roll cones, that could be designed according to the need and demands of the customers. SmOkiNg satisfaction is a priority, and MOON makes sure to fulfill it.