Our Story

Choosing the best accessories and rolling paper manufacturer is important. Whether you are a small dispensary, events company, or a large distributor, selecting a unique rolling paper factory will be your best bet!

The Moon Group, in 2010, began a top-of-the-line manufacturing process that prioritizes consumer satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art facility provides one of Asia’s best rolling paper and smoking accessories production lines. Even the best brands are our customers and you are theirs!

Thousands of retail and wholesale clients have continued to share in the exquisite taste we have in the rolling paper design. It’s not just about the profit margin and overhead. Moon Group offers a lifestyle suited for luxury, appeal, and charm.  

Quality rolling paper and smoking accessories create a long-lasting appeal to a sense of style. It also provides a product that can be trusted. When product engineers fail to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, there’s always a need to redesign. Therefore, we have had the most efficient professionals working in the Moon rolling paper factory.

To give our clients the quality that they deserve, we are determined to support our clientele and boost their production value. To achieve this mission, the Moon Group provides efficient services to agents of Moon products and brands creating their own products. With ISO 9001, 22000, IFS, and FSC A000525 certifications, to name a few, MOON guarantees 1000 booklets per minute, and each one of them is the same “great masterpiece” as the other!

As more small and medium scale companies roll out their own custom brands, we also adapt to support you. The Moon Group provides custom services to clients across the globe with variations of custom-made rolling paper, tips, and smoking accessories including rolling machines, rollers, grinders, rolling trays, and much more. With easy and efficient shipping options, your own brand rolling paper and accessories can be custom-made and quickly delivered.

Whenever you think about building your business, the Moon Group will be there. With quality accessories and rolling paper for herbs, tobacco, and prescription smokes, you can never go wrong. Let us be your rolling paper manufacturer and partner. Get your production going on the best rolling paper and accessories from Asia.