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    April 2022

    Filter tips – For the Smokers Who Know What they Want!

    Filter tips – For the Smokers Who Know What they Want! 150 150 The Moon Team

    When it comes to everyday stresses and troubles, a puff of smoke seems to be the easiest solution to puff away all the sadness. Especially for a smoker, a cigarette after a day full of stress and troubles, it brings them a sense of pleasure and relief when they get to have a cigarette. This is because there is an active ingredient in the cigarettes known as nicotine, which is responsible for stimulating the flow of blood and other factors of the body, activating the nervous system, hence making a person active and alert and giving a feeling of instant refreshment.

    It is not just the nicotine’s effect on the brain that a person feels activeness and alertness, but other factors are responsible for bringing on that feeling. Some of these factors are like the release of dopamine; the release of dopamine instantly results in the feelings of euphoria as it triggers the pleasure part and the reward centre, hence, instantly elevating the mood providing the pleasure sensations to the smokers. This is the reason that a lot of smokers find cigarettes as a solution to sadness and stress. There are also various researches that indicate the fact that sadness and stress evoke the use of nicotine. However, it is not proven through studies, but it can relate to psychological effects.

    If we look at the history of smoking and cigarettes, we realise that cigarettes have been there since the 9th century in the form of reeds and tubes of smoke. It was when cigarettes were mainly used for religious smoking. However, by the 18th century, the trend of cultivation of tobacco and smoking was seen to increase. It was still the same for the next two centuries. The cigarettes were sold as luxurious items and were quite expensive. However, cigarettes were not the way we see them today. Some cigarettes did not have filters in them, which are an essential component of the cigarettes. Nowadays, after years of evolution, we see that cigarettes are well-formed, with a filter as well.

    Tobacco Tastes Best when the Filter is Recessed!

    The filter in a cigarette is a part that is responsible for filtering out the toxins and unhealthy substances that are present when the tobacco burns. Earlier when cigarettes were not as developed as the way, they are right now. Cigarettes were not considered a very safe option, and people were reluctant to use cigarettes. The adding the filter tips for smoking, the problem of not being able to trust a cigarette in regard to health has been solved.  Currently, the filters of cigarettes are made up of a material known as cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is good at absorbing some of the toxins and carcinogens that are present in tobacco smoke. This might include tar, nicotine, and substances like polycyclic hydrocarbons.

    These filters have been known to provide safety to smokers from the harmful chemicals and toxins that form as the result of burning tobacco and can be highly injurious to the health, but the researchers have come across the fact that even though these filters prevent the harmful chemicals from entering the body but they do not eliminate the risk of these chemicals from entering the body as they are effective against some chemicals but not against all. Thus, filter tips suppliers are coming up with various innovative ideas almost every other day in order to improve the standards of cigarettes and to make them even safer options to use.

    Being the Soul of Cigarettes

    A cigarette with a good quality filter is more likely to filter out all the toxins and chemicals out of the puff of a cigarette, and thus it prevents the chemicals from entering the body, whereas a poor quality cigarette with a poor quality filter ends up not being able to filter out even the large particles which later accumulate in the lungs and the breathing passage The filter in a cigarette is not only responsible for affecting the health of an individual, but it is also responsible for polluting the entire environment, in a way that all the carcinogens and toxins that spread around the environment and harming it.

    The color of the pack of cigarettes is highly associated with the ventilation of filters, and the packs of filtered cigarettes are highly associated with colors that are brighter and comparatively less saturated in colors. We also get to see the people. Often the white tip of the filters is associated with the perception of preventiveness and reduced harm to the body, and the buying behaviour indicates that people tend to buy cigarettes that appear to be a safer option to use.

    Best 6 Rolling Paper Brands to Make your Weekends and Weekdays Special AF!

    Best 6 Rolling Paper Brands to Make your Weekends and Weekdays Special AF! 150 150 The Moon Team

    Using weed will not get you high but using it 1. the right way and 2. with the right type of accessories; is what will make your experience the True Weed Essence. In today’s world, almost everyone has situated to weed smoking as the side effects of the others were snowballing. In contrast, weed smoking is comparatively a healthier habit to get on with.

    The essential accessory that anyone requires in weed smoking is the ‘rolling paper.’ Suppose you are unfamiliar with an excellent rolling paper’s quality standards and other characteristics. In that case, you are going to get scammed. There are dozens of companies and brands that have just started coming out with their version of rolling papers. Their product may ruin your entire experience, and you might even stop rolling! The flavors and the essence that the right rolling paper will make you experience would be so good that you will not stop once you begin.

    If you are relatively new to smoking and good-quality rolling papers are the primary target, BEHOLD! Rolling papers are the best choice to smoke weed with. The most important thing to know about rolling papers is that they make smoking more pleasurable. They are not just a means of making smoking easier but also to make it more enjoyable. The top five brands whose rolling papers will level up your weed experience are:-

    • Vibes:

    This company is very new in this field, but its products are worth dying for. The best thing about them is that they haven’t appointed just normal people who have never tasted weed in their lives but complete stoners who know what weed should taste like and how an excellent rolling paper can enhance the taste of weed to the max. They do not just make one type of rolling paper; they have a wide variety of rolling papers to offer to their customers, including hemp paper, rice paper, etc. They provide a good grip and are perfectly easy and smooth to roll.

    • Shine 24K Rolling Papers:

    Shine 24k rolling papers has taken it to the next level with their rolling papers; it won’t be wrong to say that this brand is obsessed with gold. All their rolling papers have 24k gold on them; sound expensive? If you tried them, you would say that they also taste costly. Honestly, the gold in their rolling papers makes everything so good that we can’t tell you in words, and you would only know this once you try them on. Their rolling papers are not entirely made of gold; instead, a hemp base holds the gold sheath in place underneath the gold sheath. However, they burn slowly compared to other non-gold rolling papers but are much better than any.

    • Raw:

    This brand is a go-to for all the people who are always in search of cheap but good rolling papers. They make the cheapest rolling papers, but their quality and taste are still top-notch and not similar to any cheap rolling paper brand. They also allow their customers to choose the size of their rolling paper and the blend of the paper, such as classic hemp blend or raw black blend, whatever the customers like. Their rolling papers are perfectly thin and offer a good grip and rolling. Any beginner should start with their rolling papers first and then switch according to their preferences once they have developed them.

    • Moon Smoking:

    Moon smoking is the most reasonable and qualitative rolling paper brand, as it makes rolling papers with pure flax and pure hemp as the base material of their paper. They have also introduced rice rolling paper which makes joints delicious. The variety they have in rolling papers is super-wide, and all of the rolling papers have unique tastes and essence that integrate into your joints. They also offer different sizes in the rolling paper, and thus it is the best brand for all the newbies and old hunks that love smoking cannabis.

    • Blazy Susan:

    Where are all the vegans? Did you think you can not smoke weed because the rolling papers are not vegan? Well, someone heard it and decided to develop a company of vegan rolling stashes for all you vegans out there! They make their rolling papers from wood pulp that are entirely vegan and have no non-vegan additives. They are also non-GMO, so all you vegans can also smoke weed without anything to worry about.

    • Elements:

    ‘Elements’ is a brand of rolling papers that make unique rolling papers that burn without making any ashes. Where all the other rolling paper brands are focusing on many different things, this brand has focused on a very genuine problem that is ashes. Most of the time, people do not smoke weed because their clothes tend to get dirty from the ashes of rolling paper. Their rolling papers are known to be ashless because of the rice and sugar blend that they use to make their rolling papers, and thus this is one of the eco-friendly rolling papers brands.

    How To Roll a Boat Joint Like a Pro?

    How To Roll a Boat Joint Like a Pro? 150 150 The Moon Team

    Where are our weed smokers at? Oh, there you are, struggling to roll a joint, well not anymore because we have come to your rescue. The entire essence of weed isn’t just dependent on it, but it is partly related to how you roll a joint with it. Rolling a joint is an art that perhaps the literal art students might not be interested to know, but our weed smokers would die to learn it. There should be more weed in your joint and less on the rolling tray, but this can only be possible once you get a hand at properly rolling a joint. Before jumping onto the perfect joint-rolling method, let’s first address the common mistakes that people make and do not even consider them a mistake.

    Common Mistakes When Rolling a Joint:

    How do you grind your weed? You do grind it first, right? Don’t tell us you don’t grind it! Weed needs to be grinded before being used for a joint. You need to grind enough amount of weed for a joint; grinding a small amount of weed would make a small joint. Therefore, it is always good to grind more weed because you can always take extra weed out of your joint and store it. The other common mistake that people make is that they grind weed very fine; we do not use finely grinded weed for joints because they block the filter tip and the joint goes wasted. Therefore, grind it, but the catch is not to grind it finely. The other mistake is related to the rolling technique of the joint, we are going to tell a proper method for it, but you must already know that rolling a joint always has to be done gently, not tightly. Rolling it too tight will not allow the smoke to travel through the roll to your mouth. However, in keeping it not tight, you shouldn’t leave it too loose because it won’t burn longer if your joint is loose.

    Boat Joint Rolling Method – Step by Step:

    You must have come across dozens of joint rolling methods; some must have appeared easy to make, but when you tried them, you failed miserly, and similarly, some might have appeared difficult but easy to do. The boat joint rolling technique is related to the latter part; it would sound very difficult to carry out this technique, but once you try it on, you would be surprised to see how easy it is, and you would regret not finding it out sooner. Better late than never, we will simplify weed smoking for you; there is nothing hard and fast; it hardly takes 5 minutes to make a boat joint. The things that you would need to make a boat joint are:

    • Weed of your preference
    • Herb grinder
    • King size rolling paper
    • Filter tip
    • Scissor
    • Lighter

    Step 1:

    Take enough weed and put it in your herb grinder; grind it for almost 10 to 15 seconds. Check the consistency of the weed; if you feel like it needs a little more grinding, then grind it a bit more. Don’t forget what we said earlier, don’t grind it too fine; that would ruin your joint as it won’t produce a smooth smoke.

    Step 2:

    Take out a king-size rolling paper; any rolling paper smaller than kind size won’t work, so make sure your rolling paper is of king size. Take it in your hand by holding the smaller sides in such a way that the glue side of the paper should be facing you. Fold the rolling paper into half from the longer side, not the shorter side. Once you have folded the rolling paper, you will get one closed long side and one open long side of the paper where the glue side is. Pinch the left corner of the closed side of the rolling paper and then twist it, forming a tip. Now your rolling paper should look like a boat; let’s row this boat to its destination.

    Step 3:

    Let the tip that you formed stay intact while opening the half-folded paper and start loading your weed into it. Place more around the tip that you just formed and less around the other end because you are going to put a filter tip there. Once the weed has been loaded, place the filter tip on the open end of the joint.

    Step 4:

    Now comes the actual rolling part; start tucking in the non-glued side of the paper under the glued side gently and simultaneously keep rolling the glued side onto the non-glued side by twisting the filter tip side. There will come the point when the joint is rolled completely; you can then gently stick the glued side on to seal the joint. The joint is almost ready at this point; you just need to twist the pinched side of the rolling paper again and cut the excess paper. The joint is ready to be lit and smoked; we are certain that this boat will take you to heaven.