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    7 Odd Tips to Rolling a Great Joint

    7 Odd Tips to Rolling a Great Joint 150 150 Moon Team

    7 Odd & Ord’ Tips on How to Roll a Perfect Joint in 2022!

    While there are lots of pre-rolled joint brands available on the market, most core stoners would often prefer to roll their own joint. The reason behind the choice is the flexibility it offers and in so many ways, bragging rights of being ground solid in the game. Properly highs, 2023 skies!

    For every stoner, knowing how to roll a crisp, clean joint by hand is somewhat of a rite of passage; a ritual if you call it so. However, gone are the days of simply rolling a fat spliff and lighting up. Rolling a Joint is an art form, and in this article, we will be showing you a few tips on how to roll a great joint without a roller. Just sticking to the basics!

    There’s more than one way to roll a joint!

    Joints are a great way to enjoy your favorite cannabis without burning yourself with hot joints, but in order for them to be effective and pack that punch, they need some tricks up their sleeve. In this article, we’ll show you how joint-rolling has evolved from simply rolling fat spliffs into an art form where now every detail counts – the size of paper/ leaves used during the crafting process; the angle at which it’s rolled onto the gig stick (or other implements), even what kind will give best results depending on whether one wants cache or potency! Like an old cat in the game, we would introduce you to some of the popular joint frames and also list our 7 unique tips and tricks for rolling a great joint.

    Type of Joints by Frame

    1. The classic joint is a timeless piece: It’s even, smooth, and burns nicely with little effort required from you – which means it can be enjoyed by everyone (pro and noob)! The technique for rolling this masterpiece? A rather simple Pro Tip: just make sure that your weed stays packed equally width-wide as opposed to being too thick or thin at either end so no airflow gets lost during consumption; then watch Those Who Know to Do What They Say & vice versa (don’t over grind).
    2. The Cone Joint is one of the classics and it’s a feel-good joint. As its name implies, this thing looks like an ice cream cone with the narrow end where you put your filter (the same goes for both ends) and a wider middle bit at the tip which houses weed grinding tools or sometimes called dominoes if they are too big to fit through such small openings in between their layers when rolled up tight without spilling any contents inside outwards; then simply pack accordingly! To do so successfully though requires some patience because when it comes down right after putting your papers together they won’t really want too much help from us paper writers–but don’t worry; we’re here every step along the way until we finally reach our goal: finished product readymade just waiting patiently!
    3. The Double Shotgun is a great technique when you want to smoke two joints at once. It’s not as easy to do as it sounds, but if can master this then your skills will really shine! When I am by myself, this is my favorite joint. Don’t confuse it with the smoke technique of blowing into someone’s mouth and getting them high off your exhales like in a dating game called “Blowing Smoke” where only they can see what you’re doing because nobody else knows how to do that yet either! The rolling method for completed Doubleshot shotguns requires some expertise but if one has achieved expert skills at making classic weed cigarettes then there will be no problem using these same techniques on any type or size marijuana cigarette – double shotgun or otherwise. The first step is to get a good amount of weed in your hand. It doesn’t really matter how much although you could be doing buckets with the stuff if you want to pay for it. This recipe is all about efficiency so let’s keep things light and manageable. You don’t need an entire ounce or anything like that because one can easily make a single double shotgun with less than 0.1 grams of weed which is this recipe’s minimum requirement. If you can’t get your hands on any weed, there are plenty of other techniques out there that will also work for getting high but be sure to practice mastering them because they aren’t very great or cool to be unable to do. With your preferred measurement of weed now in hand, place it on the diagonal corner of the paper which allows you to create a single double shotgun without tearing or distorting its shape. Fold verrry slowwwly over itself until it’s half-folded then tuck the resulting flap into that first fold and continue rolling. This is the most dangerous part of the whole operation since it’s easy to tear or damage your roll during this step, but you can avoid all that by paying close attention and taking your time. After rolling is complete (which should take no longer than three minutes if you’re doing it right), lick down the length of the paper connecting the two ends. Take the remaining length of paper (on the outside) and tuck it into the rolled portion down near the end which you are now licking, then fold it inward to seal everything together.

    Now we have cleared some of the joint frames you can build, let’s get on to the 7 odd tips for rolling the best joint you’ve ever made.

    7 Odd and Unique Joint Tips While Rolling in 2022 :-

    Step 1: Choose the Right Flower

    This is one of those things that sounds kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do it! The evolution of rolling a joint starts with choosing your perfect strain and knowing what works best under certain conditions can help save time in production- especially if there are different types available for selection from which to choose– like SATIVAS vs ROCKETLETS. Pick a Sativa strain (up and energetic) for day use; they’re great for daytime smoking. If you’d like to take a break from smoking during the day but don’t want to lose your buzz, try an Indica-dominant hybrid. These strains provide all of the effects of a Sativa with less stimulation and more mellow relaxation. The same goes for Rockettes, the indica-rich varieties will lose their edge quicker and allow you to be functional sooner! Doesn’t matter what strain or phenotype you choose, just be sure that your flowers are FRESH and well cured before rolling. Pre-rolls can also save time when looking for a stronger buzz; again, make sure you’re using fresh weed and not an old shake.

    Step 2: Your Joint Paper is as Important

    Knowing and picking the right paper for you can enhance your experience by half!

    You’ve got plenty to choose from when it comes down to deciding on the right kind of paper. There are classic white or brown papers, pulp papers, and rice-based options that offer standard+different flavors depending upon your taste buds’ preferences and treats! So make sure you take some time out in choosing which is best suited just as much at home with yourself because who wants their mood altered by bad surroundings?? Pro tip => No One!

    Of course, you may already have a favorite brand of rolling papers that suits your taste buds. There are also flavored papers to choose from, which can alter the flavor of your smoke session. For instance, there are fruit-flavored options that give off sweet tastes while others try to imitate popular flavors like grape or cherry.

    Step 3: Grind Your Flower Right

    Your crumpled-up marijuana should be free of stems and pollen. If you notice any powdery stuff hanging out at the bottom chamber, then that’s kief—a byproduct from curing that contains THC! Sometimes you need to grind up your weed and then add some water or coconut milk before smoking because icky green weeds can get stuck in the bottom chamber. To use it as an additive for potency purposes simply sprinkle some over your packed bowl or add back into joints if needed; we recommend keeping about 5% – 10%.

    The best grinding will result after there is little to no resistance left while you twist your can back and forth! 10 to 12 is a golden standard for many. This will help ensure an even burn with no hot spots that could potentially burn your fingers!

    Step 4: Always Use a Filter

    Joints are king when it comes to smoking weed, but if you want the best possible high-order use a filter! Filters will keep herbs from burning your mouth and they also help create barriers between lipids (like oils) in cannabis with other substances such as tobacco. A thinly rolled joint has more surface area than an obese one so plan accordingly – make sure that there’s enough for yourself before sharing though 🙂

    Despite what you might have heard, there are still benefits to using regular tips designed for self-rolling cigarette smokers. The filters are specifically made so they can catch larger particles than just THC which means while it is true that we will be missing out on some marijuana highs; don’t sweat this because in longterm these count towards our health and wellness goals – plus smoking with a filter makes rolling the perfect joint easier! They are easier because there’s no need to worry about what might be coming out of your pipe when not at home. They also improve airflow which can reduce inflammation in some cases.

    Step 5: Fill That Paper with the Greenzzz

    To get the most out of your joint place your herbs along one edge so they can be tucked under when you roll up the other sides into an even tube shape. Make sure there are at least two inches between individual joints or else they’ll look messy (and who wants that?). Once laid flat on their tray plates, leave about three-quarter-inch gaps both top-to place more weed if needed. Leave enough room to place your filter at one end.

    Step 6: Pinch and Roll

    The secret to getting a tight and cylindrical joint is to grab the flower-filled paper by both ends, pinch the tops of the paper with your thumbs and forefingers, and rub your fingers together in an up-and-down motion. By doing so, you effectively push the flower into a tight little log the same width as the filter. Once you’re there, you’re ready to tuck the unglued side of the paper around the filter and roll. Don’t expect to get it right the first time as this part takes patience and finesse. Focus on getting the paper tight around the filter first. From there, the rest of the joint will follow.

    Step 7: Lick, Tap, and Twist

    Once it’s all set, you lick the glue end and seal. Tap the filter against a hard surface to help the flower settle in or pack the bloom with a pencil, chopstick, or a similar pointy object and finally twist the excess paper at the top of your joint to keep everything in place.

    For extra fineness, you can use scissors to trim both ends to meet your satisfaction.

    Joint Rolling Troubleshoot Tips/Tricks:-

    • If your joint gets loose halfway through rolling it, back up and start again with a tighter pinch around the filter.
    • If your joint burns unevenly, your flower maybe a little too chunky. Grind the flower a little more next time (Step 3, rinse, repeat!).
    • If you need to keep lighting it to get any smoke, the flower is too finely ground and prevents air from flowing through. Ease up with the grinder next time.

    If all else fails, you can check out some pre-rolled cones here. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉
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