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    How To Roll a Boat Joint Like a Pro?

    How To Roll a Boat Joint Like a Pro? 150 150 The Moon Team

    Where are our weed smokers at? Oh, there you are, struggling to roll a joint, well not anymore because we have come to your rescue. The entire essence of weed isn’t just dependent on it, but it is partly related to how you roll a joint with it. Rolling a joint is an art that perhaps the literal art students might not be interested to know, but our weed smokers would die to learn it. There should be more weed in your joint and less on the rolling tray, but this can only be possible once you get a hand at properly rolling a joint. Before jumping onto the perfect joint-rolling method, let’s first address the common mistakes that people make and do not even consider them a mistake.

    Common Mistakes When Rolling a Joint:

    How do you grind your weed? You do grind it first, right? Don’t tell us you don’t grind it! Weed needs to be grinded before being used for a joint. You need to grind enough amount of weed for a joint; grinding a small amount of weed would make a small joint. Therefore, it is always good to grind more weed because you can always take extra weed out of your joint and store it. The other common mistake that people make is that they grind weed very fine; we do not use finely grinded weed for joints because they block the filter tip and the joint goes wasted. Therefore, grind it, but the catch is not to grind it finely. The other mistake is related to the rolling technique of the joint, we are going to tell a proper method for it, but you must already know that rolling a joint always has to be done gently, not tightly. Rolling it too tight will not allow the smoke to travel through the roll to your mouth. However, in keeping it not tight, you shouldn’t leave it too loose because it won’t burn longer if your joint is loose.

    Boat Joint Rolling Method – Step by Step:

    You must have come across dozens of joint rolling methods; some must have appeared easy to make, but when you tried them, you failed miserly, and similarly, some might have appeared difficult but easy to do. The boat joint rolling technique is related to the latter part; it would sound very difficult to carry out this technique, but once you try it on, you would be surprised to see how easy it is, and you would regret not finding it out sooner. Better late than never, we will simplify weed smoking for you; there is nothing hard and fast; it hardly takes 5 minutes to make a boat joint. The things that you would need to make a boat joint are:

    • Weed of your preference
    • Herb grinder
    • King size rolling paper
    • Filter tip
    • Scissor
    • Lighter

    Step 1:

    Take enough weed and put it in your herb grinder; grind it for almost 10 to 15 seconds. Check the consistency of the weed; if you feel like it needs a little more grinding, then grind it a bit more. Don’t forget what we said earlier, don’t grind it too fine; that would ruin your joint as it won’t produce a smooth smoke.

    Step 2:

    Take out a king-size rolling paper; any rolling paper smaller than kind size won’t work, so make sure your rolling paper is of king size. Take it in your hand by holding the smaller sides in such a way that the glue side of the paper should be facing you. Fold the rolling paper into half from the longer side, not the shorter side. Once you have folded the rolling paper, you will get one closed long side and one open long side of the paper where the glue side is. Pinch the left corner of the closed side of the rolling paper and then twist it, forming a tip. Now your rolling paper should look like a boat; let’s row this boat to its destination.

    Step 3:

    Let the tip that you formed stay intact while opening the half-folded paper and start loading your weed into it. Place more around the tip that you just formed and less around the other end because you are going to put a filter tip there. Once the weed has been loaded, place the filter tip on the open end of the joint.

    Step 4:

    Now comes the actual rolling part; start tucking in the non-glued side of the paper under the glued side gently and simultaneously keep rolling the glued side onto the non-glued side by twisting the filter tip side. There will come the point when the joint is rolled completely; you can then gently stick the glued side on to seal the joint. The joint is almost ready at this point; you just need to twist the pinched side of the rolling paper again and cut the excess paper. The joint is ready to be lit and smoked; we are certain that this boat will take you to heaven.