Rolling Papers by Sizes and the Cut Corners

    Rolling Papers by Sizes and the Cut Corners

    Rolling Papers by Sizes and the Cut Corners 150 150 Moon Team

    Rolling Papers by Sizes and the Cut Corners

    When we consider what contributes to a wonderful smoking experience, we often look to the strain and quality of the herb, very few think the rolling paper. 

    Even when the variety and quality of the herb might seem right, the rolling paper can make a difference. 

    The Ideal Rolling Paper

    The rolling paper is used for a variety of smoking. While some are great for marijuana, others are better for tobacco. Pinpointing the ideal rolling paper can become confusing as personal preference, expertise, and overall satisfaction are usually subjective. However, industry data points to the Flax rolling paper as the most common rolling paper for Roll Your Own (RYO) smoke enthusiasts. The hemp comes a close second.

    Grading Rolling Papers

    Rolling papers are graded along the lines of the materials used in making the paper, the paper cut, and sizes. In a previous article, we talked about the various types of rolling papers by the material used to make them. In that article, we examined the benefits and disadvantages of each kind of rolling paper. 

    Today, we are taking a step further to look at rolling papers from the perspective of sizes and would also touch on cut corners. Each paper size fulfills a need, and it is important to know which type is best for you.

    Rolling Paper Sizes

    Several sizes of rolling papers exist across categories; standard, kingsize, and RAW. Several brands also have unique features for their rolling papers. Below are some of the most common sizes of rolling paper for your pleasure.

    1 ¼ Rolling Papers

    These are the standard rolling papers you would find in stores around you. They are the most common choice for smokers worldwide. The term “1 ¼” refers to the width of the paper. Every 1 ¼ inch rolling paper is precisely 1 and 1/4 inch wide, but the length can vary slightly depending on the brand. The length is usually in the range of 78 mm – 84 mm; it only differs so slightly according to the brand. 

    Single Wide Rolling Papers

    The single wide rolling papers are also widespread, although not like the 1 ¼ rolling papers. While they may vary in length depending on the brand, they are always 1 inch wide. Typically these papers are shorter with length ranging from 68mm – 70mm. 

    1 ½ Rolling Papers

    Smokers who like thicker blunts find the 1 ½ an appropriate size for extra packing. This paper is handy for packing more smoking herb, giving a thicker pre-rolls that can last much longer than the average. Typically they are the same length as a 1 ¼ paper and range from 78mm – 84mm.

    Double Wide Rolling Papers

    As the name implies, the double-wide rolling papers are papers double the width. These papers, irrespective of the type, are two inches wide. They come in the same length as the others; however, they are often difficult to find. The rolling paper is not as accessible as the other categories mentioned above.

    For customers who fancy the double-wide, you can rely on high-end manufacturers like us to get you the best quality always. 

    84mm Rolling Papers

    84mm papers live up to their name as it refers to the fixed length of the paper. At precisely 84mm in length and 1 ¼ inch in width, the rolling paper is almost perfection. The paper size is quite popular as virtually every brand creates this size of paper and often marks it as a 1 ¼. Most brands will indicate when they use an 84 mm paper, so be sure to check to be sure that you’re getting precisely what you need. 

    King Size Rolling Papers

    The King-Size rolling paper is arguably the biggest size on the market, and many brands produce it. The size of the paper is popular and prestigious. Comparably, the King-Size is longer than the standard by more than 35mm. It ranges between 109mm – 110mm in length, adding a lot of burn time to the smoke. They are slightly wider than most other papers and have a width range of 55mm – 60mm. 

    King Size Slim Rolling Papers

    This paper type is a hybrid of other varieties. The King Size Slim combines the length of a King Size with the width of a 1 ¼ paper, giving the experienced roller the perfect amount of paper roll for any shape while still maintaining the longer burn time associated with the King Size. These paper rolls are usually for the more experienced user as they are known to be the most challenging paper to roll. Many less experienced users have trouble with King Size Slim Papers because of the slightly increased dexterity required to roll the paper to an accurate angle and crutch size. 

    Cut Corner Rolling Papers

    Cut corner rolling paper refers to papers with one jagged edge. The idea behind this type of paper came to light in the 1800s. It was to enable individuals to identify the right face of the paper under low light or for those with some form of sight deficiency. The cut corners were made to help blind people distinguish the glued side from the other and also with “tucking.”

    Cut corner paper gives a more elegant taper and an excellent looking roll every time. It is also a more natural choice for less experienced rollers.

    Today, cut corner papers have taken on more robust benefits with automatic rollers. The paper is ideal for use with automatic rollers as they latch and are gripped better.

    Wrap Up

    At Moon Smoking, we have created an array of paper sizes that meet conventional standards and unique needs to cater to all segments of users. You can count on us to offer you and your customers base the right quality paper for all occasions.